Speaking your intentions

I am a strong believer in speaking your intentions. I think we’ve all been in a place where we thought something but were afraid to say it out loud because that somehow made it more real. It could be that we were scared we were losing someone, that we may have a problem with A, B, or C, or perhaps that we ARE worthy. There’s something about speaking intentions out loud and into the world that I believe holds you accountable. I don’t think you even have to speak them to another person…you could say them alone while in your room and no one is around. I see three steps from perceiving to persisting.

  1. Thinking about it
  2. Writing it down
  3. Speaking it out loud

For the first time this year I came up with a “word of the year”. It’s one of the smaller things I have done for myself to live with intention and stay focused. My word this year is “grace”. It seemed to make sense and fit perfectly for this season of my life. I wanted to give myself more grace as well as be more graceful. I wanted to be more eloquent and refined in many ways – from my thoughts to how I carried myself and conversed with others. I have lived a lot of my life with anger and resentment, mostly stemming from losing my father. Because of that I built a wall and was cold and blunt. I was unladylike in many ways, and I am no longer ashamed to say that I want to be more lady like. I felt that if I were more of a lady and had more grace it would somehow make me weak, vulnerable, and boring. It’s actually done quite the opposite, surprisingly. Perhaps it’s growing older and realizing that memes and trends and what everyone else thinks doesn’t define me but it’s been such a breath of fresh air.

After speaking my word out loud in January, many instances have occurred to grant me the opportunity for grace. Some were minimal and some were blatant. Most recently, I was introduced to a new makeup artist because I needed to add additional artist to my team since we are booking so often. One of my current artists helped tremendously in finding someone whom she knew would fit my brand and business perfectly. Her name? Grace! How amazing is that?! We worked together for the first time last week and she¬†was the perfect fit. Another was while driving last week and traffic was stop and go. I was getting irritated and while stopped I looked over to see this written on a church sign. “Grace – it’s more than just a name“. In that moment I smiled, acknowledged that I could be a bit more graceful in that moment and slowed down in my thoughts and actions.

Whether it’s a word, a personal goal, a business plan or a dream – try speaking it out loud and making it a bit more real. See what happens when you are more intentional with your ideas and watch them surprise you time and time again.

Have you had an intention you’ve spoken out loud and seen come to fruition? Perhaps you wanted to as for a raise or hit the gym at least three times a week. Perhaps you wanted to make six figures in your business this year. Maybe you’d like to be brave and do a boudoir shoot (hehe). I’d love to hear in the comments!