A vision

When she first contacted me for her session she had a vision. She wanted something that wasn’t typical boudoir but still sexy. Sophisticated and artistic sexy images. She knew what she wanted and had a vision and I was chomping at the bit to bring them to life.

While I am a boudoir photographer I am an artist at the root of it all. I crave to create. I crave to be challenged and to think outside the box. I crave to make more than just pretty photos. Her email piqued my interest and a few emails later she was booked.

There’s always a moment in a clients shoot when I see them break through; when I know they trust me and they are ready to relax and let go. The images she wanted to create were provocative but more than anything they were full of emotion. After hair and makeup when she switched into her first outfit I brought this to her attention. I looked at her and said “I’m going to need you to BE here with me. Trust me. Relax and let me in.” She smiled shyly and said okay. I saw that wall come down, literally, in her face and body language and it was magical. The entire mood in the room shifted.

Her session is seriously one of my most favorites to date. She brought along a lot of different pieces to create different moods and I’ll be splitting her shoot up into a couple of posts so that the images can speak for themselves.

She had a vision and we came together as artist and muse and I think her images are so sexy because she let me in. She let that guard down and let me SEE her. We shared stories and laughed and had an amazing time and her email after seeing her images literally made me cry. I am sharing that below along with some of my favorite images from a couple of sets. Thank you to this beautiful woman for allowing me to see her soul, trusting me with it, and traveling in to bring her vision to life. I can’t wait until we can do it again!

“You have done a superb job at capturing the many dimensions of my personality.  Hopefully, we are all not two dimensional and from what you have shown me, you were able to snap the camera’s shutter perfectly.  Of course, your coaching on posing helped.  Jade did a fabulous job on my hair and makeup.  She curled my hair just as I would normally and kept my makeup natural.  Both which suited my style perfectly. So, having my face and hair done as I would normally helped me to feel like myself during the shoot.  Bringing clothing that I have worn and would normally wear also kept me somewhat comfortable during the shoot.  It pleased me very much for the both of you to ask and then to listen to what I had to say about what I wanted.  So we all three were working toward the same goal.  There’s always that sense of awkwardness and uneasiness being in front of the camera, but the two of you have engaging and accepting personalities that seemingly peel away some of the barriers that we have as amateur models.  

I am grateful beyond measure for the beautiful images you have created.  Looking at these photos brings happy tears to my eyes.    When I look at them, I see me.  I see me at 40 and loving myself.  I am not perfect, just like everyone else, but I’m perfectly me and that I accept.  I think every woman in every corner of the world has beauty.  I am no different than any other woman.  I have dreams, goals, desires, bills, pain and heartache just the same.  I look at my face in the mirror everyday, but what you have captured in your photos is something I don’t get to appreciate everyday.  In everyday life, I get to see other people and how they react to me, but when I look at these photos, it enables me to react to myself which is very different and I guess why the emotion.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
This was my first real professional photo session and I had a fantastic time exploring this world with you.  In fact, I believe I might do this again with you and try some new things. I like trying new things. 🙂  I hope this photo session was in the comfort and realm of your photography style.  Thank you so much for being open to working with me and my ideas on this shoot.
I read your blog and you are a courageous and motivated young woman.  Your spirit is filled with kindness and generosity.  You seem eager to find your meaningful pathway through life. You take pride in your work and have an interest in capturing individual uniquenesses.  The aspects of creativity are continuous and never ending.  I think the key is not to adapt, but to continue to change…to find new ways to show who we are.  I am proud of you for identifying your creative desire through photography and taking the big leap.  You never know where your path may lead you.  I, too, had to work to get where I am today.  I had people that trusted in me and wanted to see me succeed in life.  They supported and mentored me to help me find my path and for that I am forever grateful.  You are an inspiration, so give yourself a hug.  
ps.  I looked at my photos again and it brought tears to my eyes..again.  I look at those photos and think “that’s me.  That’s who I am”.  It makes me remember the road my life has taken to get me here today and it makes me proud.  Proud to be a mom, a daughter, a sister, a nurse, a friend…all the roles in my life.  I don’t compare myself to other women’s photos, because they are not me and I not them.  My photos tell my story and I feel it.  
Thank you for bringing my story to life through your photography.
Grinning from ear to ear,

 A Vision

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