Why Simply-Boudoir?

What makes us NC's Premier Boudoir Studio



As a photographer, I care about you as a client. You are worth so much more than the money you pay for your session.  I value your time and your emotions that go into such a shoot, and I honestly feel honored to work with you one on one to make this shoot exactly what you want it to be!

I make it my personal mission from beginning to end to make sure you are comfortable and that you feel and look your absolute best. I keep it classy! Boudoir can easily go one way or another, and it is my goal to make you look and feel like a million bucks all while looking and feeling like a lady!  Who says you can’t be sexy and classy at the same time?


I stress this from beginning to end, but your photos remain completely private unless you give me permission to post or use them in any way.  As a photographer, I naturally own the copyright to your images, but it is my promise to keep your shoot private.  I am running a business and I am a professional and to keep my status at that level, I must also treat you with respect.  Your privacy is next to classiness to me.  It’s the most important thing.  All clients sign a contract and image sharing form upon booking and there is never an obligation to share at any time.




We own our very own luxury boudoir only studio located in a safe and beautiful location in historic downtown Kernersville, North Carolina.  With a changing room, multiple chic and classy sets to use, multiple beverage options and sound system – it’s the perfect place to relax, have fun, and create the images you have in mind.  It’s really my own little slice of Heaven.


I currently have one of the triad’s best makeup artist and stylists on my team. She is one of the most amazing ladies I have ever met and I chose her personally because I felt like she FIT into what Simply-Boudoir is all about.  She is personable, she will make you laugh and she is amazing at what she does.  No matter what look you want, you’ll get it.  Be it super glam and sexy or natural and simple – you ask and you shall receive.

Speaking of makeup, professional makeup is included in every single boudoir package we offer.  It’s a part of the Simply-Boudoir brand.  Hair and makeup – we have you covered!




We all have small blemishes we don’t like that probably no one else notices anyway.  A few stretch marks, a beauty mark, a few dimples, a few wrinkles, whatever it may be.  You will not see a scar or wrinkle one on your finished product.  All images are culled through one by one and only the best, most flattering images are returned to you completely retouched and flawless.  You will still look like yourself, only at your absolute best.  This is done by me, the photographer, the person who saw you at your actual shoot.  So not only are they edited by a professional who has years of training and learning under her garter belt, but they are also kept private from beginning to end.  This is also at no extra charge and included in every single session.


In those sexy pumps and cute undies.  OK, not yours – but my own!  I have been in front of the camera for my very own boudoir session so I know what you’re going through.  I know you’re nervous, I know you’re worried about looking silly, I know!  And I also know it will be OK.  I give you time to warm up, I will hand you a glass of champagne if you ask, and I will let you take your time.  We will blast some music and laugh and before you know it, you won’t want your session to end!  I know, because I’ve been there!




Anyone that will see your photo shoot from the first emails to the final product are all females. This is an intimate experience and one we like to keep to us ladies. So, no worries of the gentlemen catching a glimpse and the potential of your husband or significant other feeling uncomfortable with the situation.  From first contact via phone or email all the way through photo retouching and ordering, we’re all ladies!


I have spent many hours studying and comprehending posing.  I know it may sound like common sense, but there is an art to it.  Women come in all different shapes and sizes and it’s important to choose poses that accentuate their body types.  I’m sure you’ve all seen “What Not to Wear” before.  Well, there will be no “How Not to Pose” with Simply-Boudoir.  I have plenty of different looks for plenty of different shapes and I promise to make you look your absolute best at all times.


So, there you have it.  Just a few of the reasons we think you should work with Simply-Boudoir.  We have just been recognized by the local magazines, YES! Weekly and Forsyth Woman and we are helping to spread the word about boudoir photography amongst women.  In the end, the choice is up to you but I just ask that you do your research, go with someone you know will make you happy and that you’re comfortable with.  In the end, it’s your happiness that matters and after your boudoir shoot, you’ll see it was worth so much more than what you paid your photographer.  That your photographers attitude and effort from beginning to end really matters and plays a role into your entire shoot.

I hope to meet you soon!