What to Wear

Ideas for your shoot

Shopping is half the fun

I want you to feel completely comfortable on your shoot – but the whole meaning behind a boudoir shoot is to look sexy.  With that in mind, it is up to you how much or how little skin you show.  I love for my shoots to show my client’s personality – so feel free to bring something special along (maybe something you wore on your wedding night) as well as props.  I do have hats, gloves, parasols, a fur and jewelry – but feel free to bring anything else that will personalize your shoot.  Think outside the box and away from a simple bra and panty set and let your imagination run wild and don’t be afraid to have fun!

I am aiming towards a more boutique style of boudoir where even simple clothing can be sexy when worn properly.  A lace top and panties, a pair of jeans and bra, a pair of shorts and a vest for example.  Let’s try to move beyond lingerie and have fun!

The ideas are plenty, but in the end, I want you to feel comfortable.  We usually start out shooting with a little more clothing as you become more comfortable, work our way down to more racy outfits.  Everything will come together and look classy in the end, though – so try not to worry too much about it, bring lots of your favorite outfits and we’ll pick out our favorites for the shoot!

These are just a few simple ideas:

Sexy and Bold:


Sexy Business Casual:


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Chic and Feminine: