I’m gonna do me

It seems everyone has an opinion one way or another about New Years Resolutions. Well, about everything (especially things that have nothing to do with them) in general. I’m one that says, “you know what? If it helps you and makes you feel better about yourself then go for it! You do you and I’m […]

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New Studio Set

The thought process for this new set went something like this: I was laying in bed one night before a shoot and couldn’t sleep. The week before I had shot a session on a black wall in a nearby space and really loved the outcome. I was itching for change and that’s when the lightbulb […]

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winston salem boudoir

20 misconceptions about boudoir

A fellow boudoir photographer and amazing lady, Cate Scagloine recently blogged about “Shattering 20 misconceptions about boudoir” and I loved everything about it.  I have been wanting to compile my own list for a while full of the reasons I hear women say they’d “never do such a thing!” but her’s was so perfect that […]

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Alternatives to Processes like Model Call

I am going to preface this post by saying that the things written here are purely my opinions and that I am not claiming my way to be the “right way” nor am I claiming that things like the “model call” or voucher systems are the “wrong way”.  I simply just think there is a […]

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A love letter to me…

Dear self, Hi, it’s me!  You know, the girl that is usually quick to shut you down or shut you up so she can do things the way she thinks they should be done.  Yeah, that one.  Well, I want to write you an open apology letter.  A love letter, if you will. You see, I’ll […]

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