After our first conversation on the phone I knew I wanted to photograph her. Within a short time span I had learned a lot about her already, mostly that she has a sensual side that she was wanting to celebrate. She is a business owner, mother, and wife – but she is also very in tune with herself as a woman. Of course, like most of us, that sometimes gets lost in the ebb and flow of everyday for life. She was ready to dig deep and bring that sensual side back out though and boy did she ever!

I felt like we were best friends by the time her shoot rolled around. She brought along beautiful lingerie, an open mind, and fun attitude. We shared and laughed and she needed little direction from me. I loved seeing her walls crumble as she reconnected with herself during the shoot and allowed herself to feel sexy and sensual. It really translates so well to camera when clients are confident and comfortable and while sometimes that takes longer for some clients it’s always a beautiful thing to capture.

This is what she had to say about her shoot with us. Her darker sets will be shared next week.

“I found out by Simply-Boudoir from a friend of mine who is an amateur photographer. Since I live in Raleigh, I naturally checked out photographers in my area. I found a couple that I thought might be a good fit for me. Then I went to Stacey’s website and instantly I thought “Darn, now I’m going to be driving to Kernersville for a photo shoot.” Instantly her work spoke to me on many levels. I emailed her to set up a time to speak. Like most women, I felt it was extremely important that we connected on a more personal level. After all, I was potentially going to be stripping down to my underwear (or less) so I knew I needed to feel comfortable. Well, Stacey put me at ease right away. Our conversation lasted about 30 mins and right away I just felt a connection. I think she understands your fears and immediately addresses them before you can even verbalize it. She is like a long lost sister or friend–you can pick up where you left off and never skip a beat. One of the things I really appreciated was her attention to detail. Since I had never done this type of thing before, I felt overwhelmed about the preparation. Lingerie isn’t something I buy often, so I felt a little lost about what I should purchase. I LOVED the private pinterest board she set up for us. This allowed both of us to pin clothes and images to the board so we could both get an idea of what we thought would look good. Stacey really was a guiding force in the lingerie i purchased but I ultimately felt I made the final decision, which I appreciated. Leading up to the shoot I felt she was beside me, guiding me but never overwhelming me. 

The day of the shoot was wonderful. I arrived at the studio a little nervous but feeling ready for this moment. I had trained hard at the gym over the last year and I was ready to capture this moment. Stacey met me outside and helped me get my things inside. Jade was waiting inside for me. Both women made me feel comfortable right away. I sat down and Jade started working her magic. As she worked, Stacey sat and chatted with me. We talked about everything and nothing, and laughed a lot. About an hour later, we started the photo shoot. Stacey is such a professional, taking everything into consideration. The session flowed naturally from one outfit change to the next. Out time together flew by and I can honestly say I was a little sad to have it end. Since getting my photos back, my husband and I have really enjoyed a renewed sense of intimacy. I think that’s the thing that has surprise me the most. I see myself as a mom, friend and business owner. I think I forgot that I’m also a powerful, strong, sexual woman and I feel Stacey captured that side of me. She reminded me of what it was my husband fell in love with so long ago. For that, I thank her.
If I could sum my experience up in three words it would be “amazing, vulnerable, liberating”. My three words for Simply Boudoir would be “Classy, Professional, Personal.” For anyone thinking about boudoir photography, I say do it. You won’t regret your decision to open yourself up and have your beautiful, vulnerable side captured in amazing images.”


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