Trust the process

This beauty and I had difficulty getting in touch to schedule her boudoir session in the beginning and she later told me she refused to give up because she HAD to have me as her photographer. Talk about humbling! I knew the first time we spoke that she was MY client and that we were going to have a blast at her shoot. She was hardly nervous at all, up for anything, and listened when I told her to just trust the process. Our North Carolina boudoir studio is equipped to shoot a wide range of looks so we took full advantage starting out more soft and ending up, well, you’ll see.

Some clients are nervous about their boudoir session and let’s admit it – it’s not every day you’re running around in front of a stranger, especially one with a camera while in lingerie. My studio is sort of like a sanctuary for women, though. We are a female only staff, our studio is a judgement free zone, and more than anything it’s a day of pampering and laughing. This is my full time job and I photograph nothing else which means I must really, really love it, and I do! While your images are very sexy the shoot itself is not sexual at all. I help pose you (usually by showing you myself), your hair and makeup stays on point with our amazing stylists there to touch up and we joke and laugh, a lot. Some women leave in tears and some leave saying “I had no idea it would be THAT fun!” – sometimes both. Most choose to do full nudes at the end because they listened when I told them to just trust the process.

At the end of her session I asked if there were any other images she’d like to get. She replied “No, but if you have any ideas I’m down for anything!” It only took me a split second to say “wax?!” It only took her a split second to say “YES!” Hah! I apologized, “I’m so sorry, this is going to be hot!” and she replied “No worries, let’s do it!” So, that’s how the wax photos happened. 😉 A little (ok, a lot for that one) trust and being open to new ideas and just like that super sexy photos were born! As always, images are only shared with permission and there is no obligation to do so.

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Trust the process