Tequila rocked her world

This mega babe has shot with me twice before and came in for her third shoot not knowing exactly what she wanted but knowing she NEEDED a shoot. This is what I love about boudoir; for some women it becomes a ritual of self care. While some ladies will treat themselves with a nice pair of heels or a purse others choose to have a boudoir shoot. Some even come yearly, which we love! Before she showed up I came up with some ideas and asked what her drink of choice was. Tequila! That morning I picked up a bottle (and of course gifted it to her after) and BAM, just like that the perfect prop and portion of her shoot was born.

I loved that Carla did a bit more of a messy look with her hair and I wanted to keep the wardrobe simple so we went with a pair of large fishnet stockings and well, little else. Think gritty rocker chick feelin’ herself…maybe just coming home from an amazing show. She takes it all off, tired but with the music still buzzing through her soul so she takes takes her favorite tequila off the shelf and enjoys the last few moments of her day. Yeah, THAT is the look.

I am going to split her shoot into a few different posts since they vary in style but I adored this look and that she was open to anything!


Love is like tequila shots, not the quantity but strength matters