Plus size boudoir

Last week in my VIP Facebook group I did a live video on plus size boudoir and we had a great conversation about the term. By the way, if you’d like to join the group it’s ladies only and you get first info on new things happening here at Simply-Boudoir, last minute cancelation dates so you can book, giveaways and more!

This video was the first I am going to be doing to just sit and have a conversation about certain things happening in the boudoir world. For me, speaking on plus size boudoir needed to happen quickly and is something I feel passionate about. It’s not about being PC or coddling but more how you think about things.

If you’d like to check out the video chat we had I’ll post it below. No matter your size, know that if you love yourself you are capable of a boudoir shoot. Get in touch and let’s personalize your sexy shoot today!

For a rundown – I get emails almost weekly asking if I photograph plus size women and asking to view some as they don’t see them on my website. This always confuses me as I have photographed hundreds of women over the years and they have all been different shapes, sizes, etc. so of course I have photographed many “plus size’ women. The thing I want women to understand most about that term, though, is that “plus size” is relative. What you consider plus size the next woman may not. For that reason I do not list clients on my website as “Plus size” – because what does that make the others? Just average? I guess what I’m getting at is that while I understand the need to want to see images of women you may look similar to and feel a comfort in being photographed well I want you to think of yourself as more than a number.

I am currently as size 10-12. I vary throughout the year, actually, from 8-12 and I am 5’7″. On the BMI chart at my doctors office I am listed as overweight. I know this is a national number and they don’t just make it up but it’s everywhere we look. If I constantly walked around thinking that I am borderline obese (which I am not) then I’d be miserable! The fact is that while I encourage everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle, and I myself try to do so as well, I don’t think we should just look at our weight to define who we are. You are more than “plus size” or “petite” or “curvy”, no matter what current social media and clothing tags tell you.

Another important point to make is that the women on my site who may be deemed “plus size” have been photographed by a professional photographer…ie: moi! Since I am a full time professional boudoir photographer I know how to help you find flattering lingerie, pose you to look your best, accentuate your best features (and yes, those CAN be your curves), light you properly, and capture your spirit in your images. This is all part of your boudoir experience with me no matter your size. I love working with women of all shapes and sizes to create shadows, show off their shape and make them fall in love with their bodies, just the way they are.

So, do I photograph plus size boudoir? I am assuming that yes, I do. While I don’t ask for weight or measurements because that isn’t important to me I do know I have photographed women of all sizes. I do ask for an image after a client books just to get a general idea for body shape to help find the most perfect lingerie but you are so much more than a number to me and I want you to become more than that to yourself as well.