East Coast Bride – NC Boudoir

This mega-babe was only an east coast bride for a couple of days because her sister (a past client) and she flew out for their shoots earlier this year from the west coast. We had a blast having them in the studio together and it was obvious they are not only sisters but best friends. My previous client helped ease her nerves for the shoot and we all sipped champagne and had a blast. It’s always fun to have a girlfriend along if you know it won’t make you too nervous and just make a fun girls’ day out of it.┬áIf you’re thinking about bringing a friend along and booking the same day ask about our friend discount.

I love that my studio is in an old mill as it gives amazing opportunities to venture around and shoot in different locations. We went upstairs to shoot a few yoga poses when the owner of the loft asked if we wanted to use their space as no one was going to be home. I love what they’ve done with their loft so of course I said YES PLEASE! In the end I was really excited to give them a unique opportunity in a unique setting since they traveled across the US for their shoots and on top of it she works in architecture and this loft was perfect!

This beauty got married a couple of months after her shoot and the wedding was just as stunning as she is. I’ll be sharing her sisters images in another post soon but wanted to give a shout out to everyone involved in making this happen for a special lady. She couldn’t stop smiling the entire day and after their shoots we (Joanne, their makeup artist and I) all went and ate tons of pasta and good food. A day in the studio for 2 shoots is tiring but SO fun!

From east coast bride to west coast bride (well, Caribbean bride, really), THIS is how you do sexy!

East Coast Bride