10 Year Anniversary

This is an anonymous share from a client who was celebrating her 10 year anniversary with something sexy and different. I love anonymous images because they let you focus on the small details that help make up the bigger story but there’s also something sexy about the mystery of it all.

I also can’t deny that I love boudoir as an anniversary gift. I love finding a way to incorporate traditional anniversary gifts into the session. For instance:

1 year anniversary is paper so an album makes for an amazing gift!

3 year anniversary is leather and again, an album with a nice leather cover is perfect.

5 year anniversary is wood. Without making a pun here (you ladies know what I’m thinking), you can gift a wooden box of prints with a love letter written on the back of each one.

13 year anniversary is lace – this one is easy! Lots of lace lingerie and you can even line the box your album comes in with lace to present it to him…or even better, wear one of your lace outfits while doing so!

The options are endless but there’s no doubt that your significant other would absolutely love sexy and classy photos of his wife no matter what if it’s your 1 year or 10 year anniversary! I’ve even had wive’s choose an album cover color that coordinated with their wedding colors which I thought was the perfect idea and perfect little reminder. We all know that life gets busy and as the years pass and things like purchasing a home, having children, job changes, etc. happen that we may not dress as sexy as we once did. This anniversary, give the gift that you can’t purchase in a store that is way more personalized and sexy!

10 Year Anniversary