New Studio

Whew, guys – it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I have been rather busy with a lot of new, exciting things going on for Simply-Boudoir. I have mentioned it a few times but we are finally all moved into our new studio, which is even better than I imagined when I first saw it.

Let me back up a bit, though.

It was 2am when I signed the lease and as I went to write the date my eyes swelled up with tears. I wasn’t expecting them but they flowed at their own mercy. My boyfriend walked over and asked what was wrong. I couldn’t talk. Finally, I muttered, “Nothing, it’s stupid”. He asked again, with patience, his hand on my back. “The date”, I said, “It’s the day daddy died”.

One of my favorite quotes is by Edgar Allan Poe and says “Sometimes I’m terrified of my heart; of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants. The way it stops and starts.”

As an artist I have a rather hungry heart. I am constantly striving to create and connect. I am a rather introverted person who feels very deeply so art is a way for me to sort of reach out and connect to others. It gives me a voice when I don’t have the right literal words. When my mind is too occupied to find the right words to stream together into a sentence, art gives me the avenue to do so. I’m not exactly sure when it happened but at some point I lost that avenue as well. I felt it slipping away and before I knew it I felt muted. I was creating and sure, the images were beautiful, but something inside me felt empty. I didn’t feel like I was connecting with what I was creating and I was yearning to let my work be more than just another pretty boudoir photo.

I had been in my old studio, the first studio I had that was all my own, for 2 years. It was a great little spot and gave me the opportunity to expand my wings as a business owner and boudoir photographer and gave me the confidence and groundwork to really take my business to the next level. To be confident in myself, my work, and the reason I fell in love with boudoir to begin with. It was a great little spot, but after 2 years I began to outgrow it.

After a recent shoot I was walking through the courtyard where our studio was and saw a “For Lease” sale in the window of a space on the 2nd floor. There was no hesitation as I pulled my phone out, called the realtor and left a message. We talked the next day and the following day I was going to see it.

Something else about me – I usually worry too much; about everything. I stress about facts that aren’t even a reality yet or the smallest details that “could be”. It’s not a part of myself I’m proud of as it’s brought on many years of anxiety and depression and hurts those around me as well.

For some unknown reason there has not been a single second between the time I saw that For Lease sign and the moment I moved in that I stopped to think “What if”. If I’m completely honest, when I first saw the sign I wasn’t even looking to move into another space.

A month later, I picked up the keys and began to move. 3 days later we had 2 shoots in the new studio and to say they were magical is an understatement. This new space is in the same building as our other studio which really makes me happy. I love the historic building with all its industrial charm and the beautiful courtyard. Every single one of our clients has loved it and I’m stoked that we still have all of the great boutique and dining experiences right around the corner for clients to experience after their shoot.

Between the time that I signed my lease and moved in I was mapping out how I wanted this space to look. It’s quite a bit larger than our other space and laid out differently. Again, I didn’t want to get stuck with having just another pretty boudoir studio – I wanted more. I came up with the idea to make this space look more like a loft studio apartment. I wanted it to look luxurious but also lived in. I wanted it to have character and to be the backdrop to more raw and emotive images. I wanted it to speak to me and my clients. I began pinning ideas on Pinterest, making a list of all of the furniture and things I had in the studio and mapping out where they could go. I bought a few new pieces here and am stoked with how it all came together. My lovely guy and a couple of friends helped me move on the final day and we hung curtains and put the final touched on it. When I saw how it came together I knew I had created the perfect space.

I know to some the details may be boring but for me I was craving these details. I can’t wait to see how they present themselves in upcoming shoots and help tell the stories of the women who will become vulnerable and confident within their walls.

I sobbed as he consoled me and reassured me that it “wasn’t stupid at all”. After I wiped the running mascara from my eyes, flipping page by page signing and dating, I smiled. My father always believed in me and never once said no when I asked to take his photo when I was first leaning photography all those years ago. He always encouraged me to pursue and fight for the artist in me. I have not a single doubt that everything about this studio has happened for a reason and am thankful for everyone who has been with me and supported me through this journey. Here’s to movin’ on up!

These images are from our very first shoot in our space. This beautiful lady had no idea we’d be shooting in a new studio but loved it as soon as she walked in. She was gracious enough to let me share her images and in doing so I tried to choose ones that show different aspects of the new space as well as my vision for creating more shadows, more sensuality, and more possibilities.

Hair and makeup: Jade Buchanan

New Studio

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