You would have thought she was a vampire walking out into the daylight. “Oh my God, it’s SO BRIGHT!” she exclaimed as she walked through the studio into the brighter side, almost shielding her eyes. I laughed. I knew it wasn’t her style but I knew I wanted to photograph her in it. I wanted her to trust me.

After photographing her for the first time 3 years ago we have become close friends. We both have a very sarcastic and sometimes dark sense of humor so her comments didn’t offend me. She’s also pretty strong willed so while I knew I wanted to photograph her in the “bright” side, I didn’t know if she’d let me. Asking her to wear a gas mask and pose on a vintage medical gurney? No problem. Asking her to pose in a stark white room? This was going to be a challenge – but one I was up for.

I looked through her lingerie and picked out this sexy Gossard piece as I thought it would be a great juxtaposition to the stark white. I mean, it’s not like she had anything frilly or white to choose from, anyway. 😉 She’s always invested in amazing lingerie which makes the photos so worth it and I loved the bold piece on her porcelain skin.

She did trust me and these photos ended up being some of my favorite from the day. I wanted a stark, bold, and sultry look, and she gave me just that. The laughing one? That was a true moment and honestly one of my most favorite images I’ve taken to date. It’s honest and real and the barriers were broken down. We had fun and she rocked it out, just like I knew she would. Such a beautiful friend, inside and out. What else are good friends for than to pursued you to try something different? I owe you one!

You can view her set with the 69 Camaro here.


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