Perseverance – NC Boudoir Photographer

When I think of this beautiful client the main word that comes to mind is “perseverance”. Oddly enough, while the details of her story are slightly different she is one of a few ladies who have a similar story of overcoming a tragedy when life throws in a surprise.

She was only dating the man that will become her husband this weekend when their lives changed forever. As a roofer he took one wrong step and fell off the roof he was working on causing severe trauma that caused him to be paralyzed from the hips down and landed him in a wheelchair. While physical therapy has helped tremendously it is yet to be known if he will ever walk again. In the face of this horrible accident they became even more devoted and the fun part – he proposed to her when she arrived home from her boudoir shoot! Talk about good timing! I couldn’t believe the text when she sent it after her shoot. Of course she said yes, because of perseverance. When in the studio she lit up every time she talked about him and how she wanted just a minimal wedding but he promised her a dream wedding and this weekend their dream will come true. She is such a beautiful soul that emits selflessness and compassion and I am beyond thrilled for their future together. She brought her fiancee to the studio to pick up her album and canvases and I had to meet him after hearing so much. They make the perfect team and really are the true definition of defiance and perseverance.

Miss L., you deserve every bit of joy and love coming your way. You are a reminder of the good in the world and I cannot wait to hear all about your big day!