February 2013

Be Silly – North Carolina Boudoir Photography

Maybe it stems from confidence (and we all know how crazy sexy confidence is), but there is nothing more sexy than someone who can let go, be themselves, relax, and have fun.  Now, I get that those aren’t necessarily the first words you think of when you think of doing a boudoir shoot, but they […]

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FAQ – North Carolina Boudoir Photography

I have had some amazing shoots recently and am tying up all loose ends before my busy season starting in March hits.  Trying to de-clutter, catch up on bookkeeping and stay ahead with editing.  I asked everyone on my Facebook page today if they had any questions and I thought making a blog post addressing […]

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Backstage – Greensboro, North Carolina Boudoir Photography

I think it is imperative for photographers to do creative shoots for themselves from time to time.  Being creative by nature can be pretty frustrating if you don’t have an outlet to express your visions.  I have planned to do a lot more creative work this year and really push myself with learning lighting and […]

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