…there’s a total babe in my tub!

I have loved shooting with this new clawfoot tub I got for the studio last year. I have always loved clawfoot tubs and wanted one for the studio so I was stoked when this one came along and it has been the perfect accessory for sexy photos! Unfortunately we can’t hook it up to water but who’s thinking about that when the photos are so sexy? Rub-a-dub-dub! 😉

This gal is a client from last year who came back for her second shoot with us when I needed a model for an online boudoir workshop I put on (teaching how to shoot dark and sultry styles). She was down for anything and was so fun to work with and this quick bathtub set was one of my favorites from the day. I’ll be posting more from this shoot soon but if you’re looking to add a little sexy bathtub action to your shoot we’re your studio! We’ve had ladies wear a wet tee and we sprayed them with water, a pinup look in the tub, a sexy girl reading in the tub, and more. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to shoot with it more!



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