Overcoming Odds

I am starting something new with my blog where I have my clients whom allow me to share their images tell their stories in their own words. These stories may or may not be around their boudoir session but I think it’s important to read words right “from the mouths of babes” and perhaps connect one on one better with these women and their journey. This first installment is from my amazing client Daniell whom had her session with us in November and wherein she talks about overcoming odds with her illness, Lyme Disease. She was soft spoken but full of life, or at least working her way back to being such after her diagnoses and becoming so ill. Needless to say, she rocked this session and is already talking about her second with us!

Meet Daniell.

“In the middle of the worst health crisis of my life, in the middle of my life, in the middle of a pretty severe depression and full of anxiety, I began to ask myself some important questions. What would I want from my life? What would give me a feeling of happiness and fulfillment? And, what would give me the confidence that was lacking and almost non-existent. I used to have vitality and energy. I used to feel attractive. I used to be able to live with purpose and fulfillment. I used to work and have some sort of career. I am a mom. I am a wife. I am 42 years old. Are the best years really behind me? Is that possible? What could I have done differently? What can I do differently now if the truth is that life is slipping away from me?

I had just planned a photo session for my daughter and myself. I was looking forward to capturing our love for each other. But, there was something I had always wanted to do. I played with the idea after losing the baby fat, which took two years. But now, she was 9. I was 42 and not getting younger and had lost weight again. This time it was related to the illness, late stage neurological Lyme Disease and I realized that I may not get significantly better. It really was now or never.

I did my research. There are several boudoir photographers. Several of them premiered their best work with their most beautiful women in the most beautiful poses. Some were quite racy and I thought, “Way to go!” But that isn’t me. I want to be sexy. I want to be shown as beautiful, but I want to remain myself.

I saw Stacey’s work and it stood out to me as ART! You can go as far as you want to with her. She will give you whatever it is you ask for. So, she can give you racy, sexual, sexy, cute, fun and beautiful! My confidence level was the only thing that stood in the way. She had an amazing makeup artist that really brought out the best in me. She has a beautiful studio that was very professional and she makes you not just feel beautiful, but realize that you ARE beautiful. We all are! WE ALL ARE!

She told me as I was leaving, “You will see, when you see these pictures, that this is not a super model. This is you! This is you.” I left there looking amazing and feeling a little like I had gotten away with something sensually naughty with my husband’s blessing.

Of course, she “fixes” any situations that you may feel that you have with your appearance. Although, she makes it clear (and she is sincere) that she knows (and not only thinks) that you are beautiful exactly the way that you are! She asks about what parts of your body that you love and which ones you may be uncomfortable with, and she helps with those. But they are authentic photos. They are classy and they are perfect beauty! She is an artist.

And her photos are just like she is, a sincerely honest accomplishment of beauty and reflection. They are her, advocating you! She loves you and you can feel it. And therefore, she is loved by anyone that she touches.

I don’t really have issues with confidence since this session. And I plan to do it again. Even though I should have REALLY loved my self all along, she saw me in my best light and portrayed me in my best light and there is no better advocate than that. She is empowering women, one sexy shoot at a time!”