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Regaining Power

This beautiful client has written in her own words why she chose to do a boudoir session and what regaining power means to her. “I’ve been trying to think of the best way to put into words all the reasons I wanted to do a boudoir shoot, without completely baring my soul to the internet. […]

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Sweet & Spicy

This beauty came to the studio in January after hearing her niece and sister in law rave about us. She wanted to gift her husband with something amazing for Valentine’s Day and after talking about her style and personal preferences we went with a sweet & spicy look for the day. She works hard to stay […]

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Loft Bunny

Last fall I was asked to partake in an online boudoir workshop where I would teach how to shoot dark and sultry style imagery. This beautiful lady is a past client whom I loved having in front of my camera and graciously agreed to come back and model for me for the workshop, which is […]

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Overcoming Odds

I am starting something new with my blog where I have my clients whom allow me to share their images tell their stories in their own words. These stories may or may not be around their boudoir session but I think it’s important to read words right “from the mouths of babes” and perhaps connect […]

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…there’s a total babe in my tub! I have loved shooting with this new clawfoot tub I got for the studio last year. I have always loved clawfoot tubs and wanted one for the studio so I was stoked when this one came along and it has been the perfect accessory for sexy photos! Unfortunately […]

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Cheers to 2017

December and January are generally my slower months at the studio so I like to enjoy the downtime and refresh the studio with new furniture, settings, and ideas. I like to clean and organize my home office, restock on all of my supplies and client goodies and just refresh mentally for the new year. We’re […]

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Deployed Husband

When this beautiful gal first contacted me she explained that she wanted to surprise her deployed husband whom was on his 7th tour with something different and sexy. Of course boudoir makes an amazing gift but it can also lift the spirits of spouses and partners who are deployed and don’t get to see their […]

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Celebrating Change

When this beautiful gal came into the studio she was excited and ready. She had done her homework, prepared mentally and physically, and BROUGHT IT. She was open about her life up to this point, her struggles and triumphs, taking control and learning to change things she could to become happy. She’s a mother, wife, […]

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Women choose to have a boudoir session done for many reasons and the most popular is to celebrate. For some it’s their anniversaries, their husbands’ birthday, or their promotion. For others it’s weight loss, their own birthday, reaching a fitness goal, or their wedding. There are so many reasons to celebrate and all of them are equally […]

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Unique grooms gift

If you are a new bride who is looking to gift your soon to be husband a unique grooms gift then boudoir is the way to go! You can’t get more personalized than sexy photos of yourself and what partner wouldn’t love to receive just that from his new sexy little bride? A boudoir session […]

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Gift for his wife

Wowie am I ever behind on blogging! I thought I had been busy a few months ago but am now in the throws of busy season making these past few months look like a piece of cake. Mmm, cake! After hiring an assistant and working together with my accountant I am now getting my workflow […]

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badass mama

Badass Mama

Post contain nudity. When Mrs. M. first contacted me I loved her attitude and wit right away and knew she was one badass mama…and she took that job seriously! That only got better the day of her shoot when she walked in, put down her things and said “Let’s drink!” We poured some champagne and […]

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A natural beauty

Disclosure: Post contains nudity Ms. A’s friend booked with us last year off the referral of Ms. A and her husband so when her husband contacted me before Christmas to purchase her a shoot as well I was stoked. Ms. A. is a natural beauty and completely natural in front of the camera. She was […]

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Army babe

This beautiful lady is Army strong and getting married this week. She came in from Fayetteville for her bridal inspired boudoir shoot and had a blast. I love working with ladies in the services because they rarely have a chance to dress up and feel feminine. Boudoir is a way for them to not only […]

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Stylish Maternity

I have been shooting quite a bit of maternity boudoir this spring, which I adore. The moms that come in all have this sense of anticipation and have such a strong sense about them that is confident and anxious wrapped all into one. I love maternity boudoir because I think it’s important for women to […]

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Bridal Boudoir

Did you know that last year boudoir photos were the most popular gift to grooms from their bride? Bridal boudoir has become rather popular and is one of my most favorite types of boudoir sessions to shoot. They don’t have to be cheesy but amazing shots of the ring, perhaps a set with your bridal shoes […]

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Note: This post contains full nudity. All images are shared with written permission. I have been wanting to make this post for a while and feel like now is the perfect time for a few reasons. One being the new talked about Kim Kardashian selfie she posted where she was fully nude that has caused […]

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I told this stunning client that I didn’t believe her when she told me she had never had a boudoir shoot before. She came in with the biggest smile and greatest attitude and really got into her shoot mentally and physically. Lace + ballerina + bundled winter with champagne + erotic poses? Yes, please! I loved […]

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Me Séduire

Ever since I started shooting boudoir (waaaay back in 2009) I have had a dream to photograph high end lingerie for a catalog or company. With every Anthropologie catalog that came in the mail I imagined the beautiful backdrops and models in stunning clothing. I imagined using my creativity to capture the high end look that […]

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anniversary gift

Anniversary Gift

When this beauty booked with me she let me know she wanted to look like a complete bombshell and the images were not only but also an anniversary gift for her husband. She brought along the most beautiful and decadent lingerie and trusted us enough to really get in touch with her sexy side for […]

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